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Red Star® Active Dry Yeast

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Red Star® Active Dry Yeast has been enhanced through special cultures to remove moisture while maintaining leavening power.   

*Kosher, Halal, Clean Label, Vegan, Non-GMO

*Use in any kind of doughs -straight or sponge - after rehydrating.  

*Production process preserves cell viability and leavening strength.  

*Vacuum-packed for high-quality performance and safe storage. 

Packaging: Comes in 12 x 2 lb vacuum-packed foils.

Applications: Bagels, Crusty Bread, Hispanic Products, Multigrain Bread, Pizza, Pretzels, Rolls & Buns, Sourdough, Specialty, Whole Wheat, Crackers, Donuts, Pan Bread, Sweet Bread, Tortilla & Flatbread

Usage: Use at 1-3% of flour weight after rehydrating in warm water. If yeast is refrigerated, bring to room temperature before rehydrating. 

Shelf life: 2 years from production date (unopened). Refrigerate after opening at 45 ºF (7 ºC) and seal well. 

For detailed information on product functionality, usage, storage and inspiring recipes, view the product page.


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