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Red Star® Non-Diastatic Dry Malt Syrup

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Red Star® Non-Diastatic Dried Malt Syrup flavors baked goods while allowing you to cut back on sugar. Use in recipes to give crust an appetizing color.   

*Clean Label, Kosher Parve, Halal, Vegan

*Twice as concentrated as liquid malt. 

*More convenient to store and use than liquid options.  

*Reduces sugar usage. 

Packaging: Comes in 50 lb bags.  

Applications: Bagels, Pretzels, Croissants & Pastry, Rolls & Buns, Crusty Bread, Multigrain Bread, Pizza, Pan Bread, Sweet Bread, Tortilla & Flatbread, Whole Wheat, Specialty, Sourdough, Hispanic Products, Crackers, Donuts, Quickbread, Cookies, Cake

Usage: 6-8 oz (170-230 g) replaces 1 lb of malt syrup. Add water to make up the difference. 

Shelf life: 2 years from production date (unopened). Seal well after opening to protect product from moisture. 

For detailed information on product functionality, usage, storage and inspiring recipes, view the product page.


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